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Whan Ri-Ahn Receives
Prix Fondation Salabert 2023


Whan Ri-Ahn has been announced as the recipient of the Musical Composition Prize 2023 of the Fondation Francis et Mica Salabert.

© Fondation Francis et Mica Salabert


Embracing the New Name : From Seong-Hwan LEE 
to Whan RI-AHN


In the spotlight

Present composed

Portrait of the composer Unsuk Chin discussed with Whan Ri-Ahn for the Conservatoire Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris.

by Simon Hatab


Unsuk Chin, compositrice : « Mes goûts musicaux me rapprochent de la France »

Pierre Gervasoni

...The taste for adventure could therefore lead to going to attend (the 12th) the creation of Whan Ri-Ahn's piece, L'Oiseau dans le temps II. And perhaps also the fact that he is of Korean origin, like seven other composers of Presences 2023...


Présences weekend, when adventure is adventure!

...Another questioning about our perception of temporality with Seong-Hwan Lee in L'Oiseau dans le Temps II (2022), where electronics is this invisible bird that stretches the instant produced by acoustic instruments into the sky ( violin, cello, piano, percussion)...


Korean presence: Unsuk Chin in the spotlight

Michèle Tosi

...This reciprocity can also be heard in the piece by the young Korean Seong-Hwan Lee (still a student at the CNSM in Paris in the classes of Frédéric Durieux and Yan Maresz) who entrusts the instrumentalists with metal percussion instruments (plates and meta-triangles) serving as an interface between the two worlds....L'oiseau dans le temps II given in world premiere shows a great technical mastery and a richness of the sound components within a writing where the electronics model the space and draw the dramaturgy...


“MAISON DE LA RADIO AND MUSIC”: Festival Présences 2023 – Unsuk Chin – END –

...In a sandwich, what's best is what's in the middle! It is the same in this kind of festival. Around the tribute to UNSUK CHIN it is the guest composers who offered us great moments, good surprises. This is how Bastien David, Gérard Grisey, York Höller, Akira Nishimura, Isang Yun, Florent Caron Darras, Yann Robin, Martin Smolka, Seong-Hwan Lee, Francesco Filidei inspired us...

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